10 Amazing Avocado Recipes To Make Now: Green, Creamy, Totally Delicious

Vegan Avocado Recipes

Put your abundance of avocados to use in one of these drool worthy vegan avocado recipes.

Avocado’s natural creaminess makes it an essential ingredient in every vegan kitchen as there are endless possibilities with this green power food. Its neutral, mild flavor also makes it a great addition to sweet dishes as well as savory ones. Plus, avocados have undeniable health benefits, making them a nutritious food worthy of any meal.

Avocados are rich in healthy fat–great for keeping the skin and hair healthy, and especially essential after enduring the sun’s strong rays during summer. Avocados are also a great source of fiber which keeps you full longer and therefore may prevent overeating.

When selecting your avocados at the market, check to see if they have a slight give. Be gentle, though. A rookie mistake is to poke and prod at a ripe avocado which bruises it and makes it spoil faster. A gentle, slight squeeze around the stem should be plenty to alert you to if it’s ready to be cut yet.

Another trick to finding a ripe avocado is to pull off the stem nub on the smaller end and see what color is below. If it’s a dark green, it’s not ripe yet. If it’s brown, it’s spoiled. But if it’s yellowish-green, it’s ready to go!

No ripe avocados? No problem. Simply buy the least firm avocados you can find as well as a ripe bunch of bananas and stick them together in a paper bag. Seal the bag shut and your avocados should be ripe and ready within two days. The ethylene gas produced by bananas quickens the ripening process.

These vegan avocado recipes are perfect for summer picnics, barbecues, and dinner parties on the patio.

1. Roasted Veggies with Goddess Avocado Dip
Green Goddess Dip with Avocado Recipe

Looking for a way to jazz up the standard party vegetable platter? Add this creamy vegan goddess dip to the mix. Avocado blends with fresh herbs and lemon juice to form the perfect luxuriously smooth dip to pair with veggies.

2. Avocado Hummus Recipe
Vegan Avocado Hummus Recipe
Image of avocado hummus via Shutterstock

Put a colorful twist on hummus with this avocado hummus that’s perfect for serving alongside crackers or spreading on sandwiches. The avocado adds just the creamy touch that every batch of hummus needs.

3. Vegan Nachos Recipe with Sweet Potatoes and Tofu Sour Cream
Sweet Potato Nachos with Avocado Recipe

Avocado’s tender bite complements the crispiness of these baked sweet potato nachos. Plus, its neutral flavor will help balance out the spicy kick of the jalapeno slices.

4. Mint Chocolate Chip and Avocado Ice Cream Recipe
Vegan Avocado Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Recipe
Image of mint chip ice cream via Shutterstock

Avocado gets a sweet touch with vegan mint chocolate chip ice cream recipe. Coconut milk and avocado form the perfect base for dairy-free ice cream, plus the avocado gives it the classic mint color without artificial ingredients.

5. Vegan Guacamole Sweet Potato Skins Recipe
Guacamole Potato Skins RecipeImage of potato skins via I Love Vegan

Potato skins are a classic choice for parties and guests always love them. But this recipe ditches the bacon and sour cream in favor of a delicious guacamole filling that’s far more satisfying.

6. Vegan Chilaquiles Recipe
Vegan Chilaquiles Recipe

This chilaquiles recipe is packed with green goodness. With fresh tomatillos, cilantro, and sliced avocado, this dish has all the elements to make vegan chilaquiles full of flavor.

7. Tropical Avocado Mousse
Tropical Avocado Mousse Recipe
Image of pistachio mousse via Shutterstock

This light and fluffy vegan mousse is whipped up from avocados and coconut milk. You’ll feel like you’re getting to indulge while still maintaining a healthy diet.

8. Healthy Vegan Sweet Potato Taquitos Recipe with Chipotle Mayo
Vegan Taquitos Recipe

Guacamole is essential to just about every Mexican dish. In this vegan recipe for sweet potato taquitos, guacamole and chipotle mayo kick up the heat.

9. Mexican Burrito Bowl Recipe
Vegan Burrito Bowl Recipe

If you’re looking for a healthy summer lunch, this vegan Mexican burrito bowl is exactly what you need. Hearty brown rice and black beans are dressed up with a drizzle of cashew cream and guacamole.

10. Velvety Vegan Chocolate Mousse Recipe
Vegan Chocolate Mousse Recipe
Image of chocolate mousse via Shutterstock

Satisfy those chocolate cravings with this decadent and dreamy chocolate avocado mousse recipe. This silky smooth dessert is the perfect treat to relax with after a long summer day.

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Top image of mashed avocado via Shutterstock

Karissa Bowers

Karissa Bowers

Karissa Bowers is a fashion and food blogger living a compassionate lifestyle. Karissa is the blogger of Vegan À La Mode where she shares her favorite vegan and gluten-free recipes and also her eco-friendly cruelty-free style. Her love for photographing food and her outfits, drove her to develop a passion for photography. After a few years of honing in on her photography skills, Karissa launched her business, Karissa Bowers Photography, where she shoots weddings and portraits. When she’s not taking photos or in the kitchen, you can find Karissa traveling and trying new vegan restaurants.

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17 Creamy Desserts That Are Actually Dairy-Free


Even though I generally prefer savory to sweet, I have a real soft spot for creamy desserts. A pint of ice cream has no chance of survival around me and a strawberry milkshake is my ultimate weakness. When I say it’s my weakness, I’m not kidding. Since I’m lactose intolerant, those dairy-filled treats I so crave are basically my kryptonite. But even though I know they’ll destroy me, I can’t seem to stop seeking them out.

I used to think the only way to satisfy my creamy cravings was with actual dairy, but after dabbling in vegan desserts I’ve come to find that isn’t true at all. Thanks to a growing vegan population, it’s easier than ever to find creamy substitutes that taste nearly identical to the real stuff. Things like coconut cream and nut milks help the classic desserts you know and love taste just as good if not better than their dairy-filled counterparts.

If you’re not sure how to use these ingredients on your own to make the desserts you desire, let these 17 recipes show you the way. They include all the creamy treats you could want, from cheesecake to banana cream pie to rice pudding, and they’re all completely dairy-free. Even if you’re not interested in cutting out dairy, they’re still worth making.



Mocha Almond Fudge Ice Cream from A Couple Cooks

This ice cream is made with actual ground coffee beans, so it’s a treat that’ll also give you some energy. For the brave, consider doubling down on the caffeine by pouring a shot of espresso over a scoop for an affogato. Get the recipe here.


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Tangy and Creamy Vegan Probiotic Coconut Yogurt Recipe

Tangy and Creamy Vegan Probiotic Coconut Yogurt Recipe

This vegan coconut yogurt recipe is slightly sweet, slightly tangy, and full of probiotics. It’s not only delicious but also improving your digestive system! And it’s never a bad idea to fill up on healthy bacteria. Even though popping a probiotic pill is a great way to keep your gut health in check, there are many more exciting ways to integrate probiotics into your diet (think: sauerkraut, miso, and kombucha).

But when it comes to probiotic-rich yogurt, I have long been eager for a vegan version. Luckily, plenty of vegan probiotic yogurt products are hitting the market. The only problem is, they’re expensive! Coconut Cult is making huge waves, and for a respectable reason, but they’re $25 a pop! I don’t know about you, but that’s not a yogurt I can enjoy on the reg.

The best way to get your probiotic coconut yogurt game on is to make it yourself! The following vegan probiotic coconut yogurt recipe explains just how to achieve that thick, creamy, lightly effervescent bliss. And while it may seem like a daunting task to make, I promise you it isn’t.

What You’ll Need

Making this recipe requires a bit of foresight. First, get yourself a vegan starter. Cultures for Health has a reliable vegan version that sells for $9.99 and contains four packets of starter culture, each dedicated to one to two quarts of milk (aka, to-be yogurt).

Next, you’ll have to decide the best coconut milk to use. While canned coconut milk or tetra packs are all possibilities, the best way to avoid the guessing game concerning add-ins and BPA leaching is to simply make your own coconut milk from fresh young Thai coconut. Be prepared with young Thai coconuts on hand as well as a responsible person to crack the coconuts open in a safe fashion.

You’ll also need agar-agar, which helps to thicken the yogurt into a beloved consistency. Agar-agar is a jelly-like substance, obtained from algae. Who wants runny yogurt, anyway?

The last element is the heating device. Unless you have a yogurt making kit, you use can use an Excalibur dehydrator set at about 105 degrees. Place the containers on the bottom, away from the heating element. Another option is to use a temperature-adjustable heating pad, or put a w0-Watt bulb in the oven and keep the light on with the containers wrapped in a towel to hold the heat.

Probiotic Coconut Yogurt Recipe: Vegan, Tangy, and Creamy Without the Fuss

This probiotic coconut yogurt is a delicious way to enjoy yogurt, only without dairy and with incredible digestive system benefits.


  • 1 liter coconut milk
  • 2 tablespoons agar agar
  • 2 tablespoons coconut nectar
  • 1/4 teaspoon vegan yogurt starter


  1. Sterilize your yogurt containers in boiling water. Remove, dry, and set aside.
  2. In a saucepan, bring coconut milk to 180 degrees Fahrenheit and then remove from heat. Be sure not to boil the milk, but it is important that the milk reaches 180 degrees in order to prevent harmful bacteria.
  3. Stir in the agar agar, followed by the coconut nectar.
  4. Let the milk cool down to about 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  5. Remove 1/2 cup of the cooled coconut milk and stir in the starter culture. Stir well and pour into the remainder of the coconut milk.
  6. Pour cultured milk into the yogurt jars. Cover and ferment at 105-110 degrees Fahrenheit for seven to nine hours.
  7. Check on the taste of the yogurt after seven hours to see if it is sour enough for your taste. Let it sit in the heat for longer if you seek a stronger taste.
  8. Once finished, store the yogurts in the refrigerator and once cold, enjoy the yogurt alone, with granola, or as you please!



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Aylin Erman

Aylin Erman

Aylin is founder of GlowKitchen, a food blog with an emphasis on vegan and gluten-free fare. Aylin has been living in Istanbul, where she is founder and CEO of a cold-pressed juice and healthy foods company JÜS (www.jusistanbul.com).

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