14 Weeknight Stir-Fry Recipes Under 500 Calories


Stir-fries have a lot going for them. For one, they’re super easy to make—usually all you need is a pan and about 15 minutes to throw one together, which is perfect whether you’re too busy for something more complicated or you’re super hungry and need food ASAP. And since they’re almost always made of some combo of vegetables and protein, served over a whole grain like rice, they make for a balanced meal. Basically, a stir-fry is the perfect no-fuss weeknight dinner.

Some of these 14 recipes expand upon the stir-fry formula of oil + ingredients + soy sauce. They experiment with all kinds of different spices, sauces, veggies, and proteins. There’s a tofu option that’ll take you less than 10 minutes to make; a curried, grain-based version that’ll rock your world; a fiery, simple kung pao shrimp recipe; and so many more. All of them have the fiber, protein, and healthy carbs you need to feel satisfied, and none of them have more than 500 calories.

To be clear, you don’t need to count calories to be healthy, and some people are better off ignoring them completely. But whether or not that’s something you’re doing, these easy, healthy, delicious stir-fries are worth adding to your dinner rotation.

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11 Frozen Cocktails Under 200 Calories


When warmer weather rolls around, frozen cocktails are my jam. Every year like clockwork I count down the days until the temperature is high enough for me to whip out my Vitamix and blend up a batch of piña coladas to enjoy in the sun. Every time, that first sip of icy coconut, pineapple, and rum is just as fantastic as I remember.

The thing is, piña coladas and most other frozen drinks kind of double as dessert. They’re often high in sugar, alcohol and not much else. And, while you don’t have to swear off sugar or alcohol completely in order to be healthy, the USDA recommends getting no more than 10 percent of your daily calories from added sugar, and drinking alcohol in moderation, if at all. So, having some lower-alcohol, lower-sugar cocktail recipes up your sleeve can be really handy.

These 11 recipes include all the classic frozen cocktails you’ll crave during the summer, but none of them are over 200 calories per suggested serving size. Basically, all of them are a good bet for keeping cool all spring and summer long.

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15 Healthy Instant Pot Dinners Under 500 Calories


Practically overnight, Instant Pots have completely revolutionized the way busy people eat. Before, if you wanted to enjoy something like beef stew or carnitas tacos during the week, you’d have to plan dinner far in advance. Slow-cookers are a great way to make those kinds of recipes with little hassle, but they don’t really cut down the cook time—if you don’t remember to put dinner into your slow-cooker in the morning, you’re out of luck. Now, if you forget to get your slow-cooker going, you can just use an Instant Pot to make whatever you want instead.

The Instant Pot has many talents, one being that it can make slow-cooked dishes in a fraction of the time.

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Along with its many other functions—like yogurt and rice making—the gadget is a pressure-cooker. Using the pressure-cook setting, you can make recipes that normally take hours in way, way less time. Beef stew might need 4 hours on a stovetop (or 8 in a slow-cooker!), but it only needs less than an hour in an Instant Pot, no joke.

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These 15 Instant Pot recipes are filling, delicious, and all under 500 calories. To be clear, you don’t need to count calories to be healthy, and some people are better off ignoring calories altogether. Also keep in mind that these serving sizes are just suggestions. No matter what, the fact that these recipes are both easy to throw together and packed with flavor means they’re satisfying in every way.

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15 Healthy Sheet Pan Dinners Under 500 Calories


Andrew Purcell; Carrie Purcell

I love sheet pan recipes because they’re easy to cook and to clean up. They’re almost always some combination of meat and veggies (protein, plus fiber and healthy carbs), so they tend to make for inherently balanced meals. Oh, and they’re equally easy to make meatless, if that’s your jam.

The recipes below are made on a single sheet pan, and they clock in at 500 calories or fewer per serving. To be clear, you don’t have to count calories to be healthy, and some people are better off ignoring calories altogether. Also, remember that everybody’s daily energy needs are different, depending on all kinds of factors like height, weight, lifestyle, medical history, and more.

Regardless of calories, these 15 recipes are easy and delicious, and they make for super easy cleanup. Next time you’d rather spend the evening cozied up on the couch while your dinner basically cooks itself, give one of these dinners a try. Feel free to add your favorite side dishes and garnishes, too!

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