36 Super Specific Kitchen Gadgets That Are Actually Worth the Money

36 Super Specific Kitchen Gadgets That Are Actually Worth the Money

My kitchen gadget situation is abysmal. The first time my boyfriend tried to cook at my house, he was so disappointed by my product set-up that he Amazon Primed me a new knife and cutting board so he’d have something better to use the next time he came over. I’m not kidding. I didn’t even own my own pots and pans until my grandma gifted me some at the beginning of this year. (Until that point, I’d just been using my roommate’s. When she moved out, I was doomed.)

Needless to say, my single-use product game is weak. Growing up, my house was filled with apple corers, hard-boiled egg slicers, and myriad other gadgets that do one thing and do it well. Though I (clearly) haven’t made it a priority to stock up on these gizmos, I’ve run into plenty of scenarios where they’d be helpful (chopping garlic is a challenge, man).

Here, 36 single-use products that are actually worth the money you’d spend on them, according to the people who’ve bought them (and regularly use them).



Just Crunch Anti-Soggy Cereal Bowl, $9

“The bowl is divided down the middle—one side for milk, the other for cereal—ensuring your last bite is as crunchy and delicious as the first. If you’re not a cereal person, you can also use the bowl for cookies and milk, chips and dip, fries and ketchup, and so on.” —David K., 35

Buy it here: $9, Amazon



Butter Dispenser, $15

“I like using butter, but it’s hard to get just a little off a stick once it’s been refrigerated. This tool helps me get a thin strip of butter—plus, it stores easily in the fridge, taking up very little space.” —Mary W., 63

Buy it here: $15, Amazon



3-Piece Banana Holder Set, $11

“I use this to carry bananas with me so they don’t get bruised. Why? I absolutely hate bruised bananas. They need to be perfectly yellow and unblemished for me to eat them, and this silly thing keeps them that way.” —Kelly M., 36

Buy it here: $11, Amazon

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